Shelby Youth Baseball/Softball Objectives: To provide summer recreational activity for area youth, ages 4 through 14, under adult guidance. To provide exposure to area youth in the form of discipline and sportsmanship. To provide instruction in baseball

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Trying Out for an Older Age Group

  • player must fill out Request to Tryout Up form and be approved to do so
  • player must score in the TOP 6 of the older age group to be eligible to move up


Factors Taken into Consideration for Approval of Request to Tryout Up

  1. The Shelby Board will evaluate (on a yearly basis) age group/tournament team numbers to determine if allowing player(s) to tryout out up is an option for the upcoming season.  Shelby Softball's first obligation is to do what is in the best interest of the entire softball program and will make decisions based on that.
  2. Players requesting to tryout up will need to attend Softball Open Gyms and Softball Warm-Ups to participate in the older age group activities.  The intention here is for players, parents, and the SYB Board/Tryout Committee members to evaluate if allowing the player to tryout up is in the best interest of the player.  A request will NOT be approved until a player has met this requirement.